Anwar Masih, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at A.T.M Management Consulting passionately argues that Artificial Intelligence & Automation Strategy must become an integral part of an organisation’s Business & Digital Strategy to meet the 21st Century Challenges and develop Market & Cost Leadership position as well as develop Competitive Advantage. Retain & maintain your market competitive advantage through continuous innovation & improvements of highly secure digital products & services by continuously harnessing AI-capabilities.

At A.T.M, we believe you organisation by adopting AI-driven Transformation & Automation can provide the ‘best-value products & services which are augmented by the ‘best customer service experiences’ by harnessing the capabilities of Artificial Intelligent (AI), Intelligent Automation (IA), Robotics Process Automation (RPA) , Machine Learning (ML) technologies that are applied in a considered & diligent manner augmenting & supporting people skills & capabilities to achieve the best Business-Value & Corporate Performance. Deliver innovative, high-value-add superior digital products & services to the customers with maximum security, efficiency, flexibility & faster speed, and competitive cost model as well as great ‘customer experience & value’.

We believe, AI-driven Transformation complemented with your Digital Strategy & Transformation can significantly improve productivity, enhance your organisation’s strategic capabilities and help your organisation in developing a competitive advantage through Artificial Intelligent (AI), Intelligent Automation (IA), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) to achieve the following key strategic objectives & benefits for your organisation, including:

  1. Automation - Critical Business workflows & processes seamlessly automated to respond to customer needs faster delivering business-value.
  2. Business Intelligence & Decision-making – real-time or inflight Data Analytics to support rapid quality decision-making in order to capture real-time business opportunity and deliver ever-demanding customer needs.
  3. Customer Engagement, Marketing & Segmentation - use ‘BigData’ & AI Analytics already in existence in your organisation to identify future customers & their needs. This can be achieved by analysing huge volumes of customer data, such as identifying the characteristics of high-value existing customers and create highly personalized products & services focused on customer needs.
  4. Develop Cost Leadership & Market Differentiation – by using AI/IA, NLP / ML transform & automate customer enquiries, provide automated standard responses to customers enquiries e.g. general enquiries, Customer Voice Security ID, problem identification, balance enquiries, automatic bill payment, sentiment surveys, track user preferences and standard resolution of problems for standard issues. Create digital differentiation through product & service innovation, faster reach, and convenience targeting high net worth existing & new customers, young professionals’ easy adopters of digital applications.
  5. Customer Service Desks & Contact Centres - replace expensive fixed staff/location-based contact with AI-based 24 x7 ‘always-on’ location-independent automated contact centers. Use AI AI-based / Analytics / Speech Recognition /Machine Learning CRM to support automation, and handle customer complaints. AI-based applications resolving customer service issues proactively will offer a huge potential for customer service improvement, retention rates, reducing complaints and improving satisfaction.
  6. Security & Fraud Detection - use AI Analytics/Machine Learning to improve Security & Fraud Detection. Using fraud prevention strategies to enhance customer confidence & trust. For example, it is exponentially faster to analyse financial transactions using AI Analytics / Machine Learning e.g. patterns and relevant data associated with transactions, and Red-flag high-risk fraudulent transactions.
  7. Automate Supply-chain & Logistics Processes – by using Robotics Process Automation (RPA / AI) technology is already well proven in this area, for example Amazon has been using Robots successfully in their warehouses for some years. Robotics-led (RPA) transformation & automation of logistics & warehousing supply-chain processes can mitigate your organisation’s labour shortages, reduce labour cost, improve its cost leadership position, and improve / enhance customer service & experience. Potential to reduce your current logistics & warehouse manual workforce by more than 50%, as well as provide customers with a better value products & shopping experience.
  8. Automate to Create a Competitive-Edge – by using Robotics Process Automation (RPA / AI) technology your organisation could transform and automate to focus its expensive people/staff more strategically to innovate & create better customer engagement experiences and market-focus and provide customers with a better value products & innovative shopping experience. A successful Robotics-led (RPA) transformation & automation could give your organisation a considerable competitive edge over its weaker competitors by improving its cost leadership, overcoming labour shortages, improving customer response & speed, with even faster ‘delivery-fulfilment, and enhance customer shopping experience & retention.
  9. Improved Productivity & Efficiency – driven by real-time accurate data and quality decision-making business productivity & efficiency can be enhanced rapidly as well as improving opportunities for investment and ROI.
  10. Improve Time, Quality & Cost Reduction - due to the improved data intelligence & decision-making, it will become faster and cheaper to address as well as improvement in quality. Overall, numbers of tools & processes will be standardised that will significantly reduce the cost of ongoing business support across the organisation. Furthermore, your organisation could significantly reduce costs by complementing your non-strategic workforce located at offshore centres, where cost of doing business is cheaper as well as the availability of Technical Workforce is more readily available.

At A.T.M Strategic Management Consulting, we are passionate that every element of your AI-Driven Strategy & Transformation what we design and implement, it is tightly aligned with your specific Business Strategies & Objectives. The AI-Driven Strategies we design are always people-centric NOT technology-centric - based on our unequivocal belief that people must be at the heart of the entire technology & infrastructure design process, deployment & end-to-end integration with all the business & operational processes.

We believe, while Artificial Intelligence (AI, IA, RPA, ML) driven Transformation has the immense potential to improve productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, improve human living-standards, diagnose control & manages disease faster & better than ever before. However, those organisations that fail to adopt AI early and incorporate into their Business & Digital Strategies, most likely to face a major havoc through their traditional business models and they Risk becoming totally irrelevant, less responsive to the customer demands & needs, less productive & efficient, increased cost of new product & service development, risk of losing cost leadership, and market differentiation.