Who is a.t.m?

Progressive Transformation Of Our Clients’ Value-Chain


Experts From Academia

New Knowledge Acquisition Development Management


Highly-Experienced Industry Executives

Acquisition Development of Business / Industry Specific Expert Experience


Network of Experienced Consulting Associates

Acquisition Development of Business specific Skills Capabilities

Firm’s Business Activities

Firm’s Existing Capabilities & Competences

Its rationale is essentially practical and strategic, targeted directly at promoting a “built-to-last” business model through strategy development and the implementation of a strategic progressive transformation framework.

Traditional Value Chain Activities

  • Firm’s Infrastructure
  • Human Resources Management
  • Technology Development
  • Procurement
  • Financial Management & Legal Services


  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Service Design
  • Development & Delivery
  • Network Operation
  • Network Design and Development

We are Dedicated, Passionate & Focused

  1. We engage in a relentless pursuit for excellence in everything that we undertake with our clients. We want you, our clients, to be “Excellent”: your excellence is our excellence.
  2. Our intention is to build your strategic skills, capabilities and core competences and in the process help you build a ”learning” and “strategically intelligent” enterprise that is truly “Built-to-Last”.
  3. We are committed to bring some of the sharpest intellects together to give you a unique experience on matchless excellence in everything that we deliver.
  4. We are passionate about and committed to our unique approach to business transformation involving the improvement of people and processes, efficiency and productivity, and performance and profitability

We Vow to our Clients & Partners:

That we shall not undertake any engagement unless we can be absolutely sure that we can demonstrate true value-creation benefits in at least one of the following:-

  1. 1. The improvement of the skills and competences of your people
  2. 2. Improvement of the processes and infrastructure of your business
  3. 3. Increases in efficiency and productivity of your business
  4. 4. Major improvements in profit margins and performance and reduction in operating costs
  5. 5. Increase in levels of customer service and satisfaction.

We work in Partnership with our Clients:

To develop sustainable & practical strategies to achieve strategic goals & objectives and to develop a competitive advantage.

  1. 1. To develop practical, sustainable strategies that achieve your strategic goals and objectives
  2. 2. To enable the learning from our engagement with you to be passed into your organisation

Our Latest Insights

Our Strategic Transformational Purpose is to build your organisation’s strategic skills, capabilities and core competences, and in the process to help you build a ”Learning” and “Strategic Intelligent Enterprise” that is truly “Built-to-Last”.

Case Studies

For decades, we've been delivering unmatched results across a variety of industries. Browse our case studies to hear from some of our customers.