Almost all of the traditional programme/project management methods and frameworks are heavily focused towards operational delivery and are predominantly biased towards IS/IT Programmes/Projects.

This approach views the running of programmes/projects as a routine scheduled task, the almost mechanical execution of which bears some similarities to something that might take place on a factory production line. As such, programmes/projects of this nature tend to rely on processes such as PRINCE-2, PMI/PMP and others with similar bias.

At A.T.M Strategic Management Consulting Limited, however, we approach end-client engagements from a different angle. While we accept Processes are absolutely essential to reduce variation, improve productivity & cost efficiency, we don’t believe that Processes alone are adequate to run a complete business. That is because these methods are focused on procedural tasks or Activities Management – not Business Management.

We believe Programmes/Projects should be far more all-encompassing – run as a complete end-to-end process which recognises that businesses are highly complex integrated entities.

As such our approach is focused around complete Business Management, incorporating what we passionately believe are the four key Business Disciplines – PEOPLE, STRATEGY, PROCESSES and SYSTEMS

A.T.M has developed a truly unique “Strategic Programme/Project Management” Framework “SPPMTM which focuses on the entire organisation while delivering Programmes/Projects of strategic importance. Our “SPPMTM Framework, which is based on a relentlessly strategic approach, ensures that all major key organisational components have been carefully assessed, planned, resourced, and implemented (namely People, Strategy, Processes and Infrastructure).

In fact our entire Management Consulting Framework has been developed around these four key Business Disciplines. This is because our practical experience, observed over hundreds of Strategic Programmes/Projects we have delivered over the last fifteen years (ranging in value from £5million to £1,000 million) has been that every Programme/Project has some impact somewhere in the organisation which has not been properly assessed by the Programme Delivery team(s).

At A.T.M we’ve come to the conclusion that the primary reason for these lapses is that the existing Programme & Project Management Methods or Frameworks do not have an adequate provision to guide the Programme or Project Delivery team(s) to conduct comprehensive assessment of all the major organisational components “People, Strategy, Process and Infrastructure”.

Using this wealth of sound, practical industry experience we have developed a comprehensive “SPPMTM Framework designed to plan & manage Strategic Programmes & Projects at the same time as delivering lasting leadership change and Strategic Business Transformation. These can then feed through in a truly integrated way to tangible business improvements including increased productivity & efficiency, cost reduction and sustained Business Benefits Realisation.

Our Strategic Programme & Project Management Framework – “SPPMTM – is strategically centred around the needs of an entire organisation offering a Value-Creating proposition for the organisation, the major components of which are always centred around PEOPLE, STRATEGY, PROCESSES and SYSTEMS.

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Our Strategic Transformational Purpose is to build your organisation’s strategic skills, capabilities and core competences, and in the process to help you build a ”Learning” and “Strategic Intelligent Enterprise” that is truly “Built-to-Last”.

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