Prof. John McGee

Executive Chairman

PhD, M.B.A, BA (Hons)

Professor of Strategic Management and Associate Dean, Corporate Relations Marketing & Strategic Management Warwick Business School Formerly the Dean & Fellow in Corporate Strategy at Templeton College, Oxford, and Founding Director of the Centre for Business Strategy at London Business School. President of the Strategic Management Society; member of the British Academy of Management, and member of the RAE Panel on Management Studies in 1996 and 2000.

Danielle Brown

Managing Director

BA (Hons), Dip in Management

Danielle, as an executive-level Business Management consultant & C-level Executive has a more than 25 years broad cross-functional heavy weight experience in Tax & Audit, TMT, Oil & Gas, Utilities, and Transport Sector. Types of consulting engagements including: Corporate/Business Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Investment Appraisal & Financial Modelling, Business & Operational Planning, Business Readiness & Change Management, Business & Operational Process Design & Mapping, Solutions/Applications & Infrastructure Development, and end-to-end Systems Integration with EMEA/Global Remit.

Anwar Masih


M.B.A, MSc, BSc (Hons), CPMC, CPIMC

Anwar is the firm’s Chief Strategy, Architecture & Transformation Officer / C-Level Transformation & Strategic Change Leader, including Strategic Leadership, Corporate/Business Strategies, Business & Digital Transformation & Strategic Change. Chief Architect of A.T.M 3-Stage Progressive Transformation ‘Build-to-Last’ and ‘Centres-of-Excellence’ Business Models. He is also responsible for driving advanced Digital Transformation, Cloud-computing, ERP, Data Analytics/Bid-Data & AI-driven Automation strategies & Transformation.

Colin Mackenzie

Senior Vice President & Customer Relations


Colin, as a Senior Executive Director has more than 20 years experience in the Management Consulting & Technology industry. He has experience of managing large-scale TMT practices with the Management Consulting industry as well as technology functions within large corporate client base. He has managed strategic programmes involving Organisational Re-structuring, corporate-wide Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, IT-lead Business Change, Staff training & coaching, IT-lead Business Processes, Knowledge-management processes, technology procurement, and wide-variety of applications/solutions and technology infrastructure.

Mark Sanderson

Chief Financial Officer

BSc (Hons), M.B.A, FIA

Mark has spent more than 15 years working for various global banking firms, investment & fund management houses, and global accountancy & TAX/Audit Consulting firms. Mark is responsible for A.T.M’ Growth, Business Planning and Investment Strategy, as well as leading the research & development of leading-edge financial & investment consulting products & services for the end Clients.

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