Anwar Masih, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at A.T.M Management Consulting passionately argues that the role of a Digital Strategy & Transformation is to help the organisation to implement and exploit & realise the full potential of its vision, mission, business strategy & objectives in such a way that it offers the company a superior and sustainable competitive advantage relative to its rivals. Furthermore, an effective Digital Strategy & Transformation must be aligned with the company's Business Strategy & Strategic Objectives to be achieved through the implementation of ‘future-proof’ modern, flexible, scalable Enterprise Digital Technology Systems that can be integrated with the your existing systems to secure Client’s Digital Assets (Data & Information).

We believe, Digital Strategy & Transformation has the immense potential to improve productivity, enhance your organisation’s strategic capabilities and help your organisation in developing a competitive advantage. Deliver improvements & stability, build strategic capabilities & transform through Digital Technology Solution(s) including Artificial Intelligent (AI), Intelligent Automation (IA), Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), ERP, CRM, Data Analytics and Cloud Infra to achieve the following key strategic objectives for your organisation, including:

  1. Automation - Critical Business workflows & processes seamlessly automated to respond to customer needs faster delivering business-value.
  2. Business Intelligence & Decision-making – real-time or inflight Data Analytics to support rapid quality decision-making in order to capture real-time business opportunity and deliver ever-demanding customer needs.
  3. Improved Productivity & Efficiency – driven by real-time accurate data and quality decision-making business productivity & efficiency can be enhanced rapidly as well as improving opportunities for investment and ROI.
  4. Enable Flexible Working – enable global teams to work with maximum flexibility from the home-office or a remote client-sites providing the ability to accommodate customers working in different time-zones, as well as providing flexibility for your work-force around their personal commitments e.g. Child-care. Flexibility also tends to enhance workforce motivation & collaboration, innovation & productivity.
  5. Enabling Global Collaboration & Seamless Communication – enhance your organisation’s global collaboration & communication across teams and business partners. This can enable your team members to simultaneously work on multiple global projects, ideas & innovation, share information with your customers & clients potentially at a speed-of-light. Your people, teams & partners are working collaboratively will also enhance your workforce motivation, innovation & productivity & efficiency.
  6. Improve Time, Quality & Cost Reduction - due to the improved data intelligence & decision-making, it will become faster and cheaper to address as well as improvement in quality. Overall, numbers of tools & processes will be standardised that will significantly reduce the cost of ongoing business support across the organisation. Furthermore, your organisation could significantly reduce costs by complementing your non-strategic workforce located at offshore centres, where cost of doing business is cheaper as well as the availability of Technical Workforce is more readily available.
  7. Meeting Social, Environmental Responsibilities & Minimising Impact on Climate Change – those organisations that were the early adopters deploying Digital Strategies & Transformation of their business using Digital Capabilities have demonstrated significant competitive advantage during the pandemic COVID-19. For example, Amazon (pure digital strategy deployed) performed significantly better than its competitors. Furthermore, it is evident that organisations can reduce their office ‘foot-print’ significantly e.g. in some cases by 50%. Reduction in your office ‘Foot-print’ does not only saves your Office Rentals, but related overhead-costs as well including energy, water, and staff travel costs. The combined effect of this is reducing traffic on Road & Rails (less journeys), removing traffic congestion & bottle-necks, and ultimately reducing carbon-emissions and other green-house gases, which will minimise your organisation’s combined ‘Carbon Foot-Print’ and help you to meet your Social & Environmental Responsibilities.

At A.T.M Strategic Management Consulting, we are passionate that every element of your Digital Strategy & Transformation what we design and implement, it is tightly aligned with your specific Business Strategies & Objectives. The Digital Strategies we design are always people-centric NOT technology-centric - based on our unequivocal belief that people must be at the heart of the entire technology & infrastructure design process, deployment & end-to-end integration with all the business & operational processes.