Business Transformation & Improvements - Organisational & Business Strategy, Operate Models & Processes

Problem Statement - a Tier-1 Global Engineering & Construction industry Client organisation specialising in Oil & Gas industry, from feasibility studies of potential oil & gas-fields to taking-on full responsibility for the Project-delivery encompassing Engineering, Procurement & Construction for some of the largest OilRefineries, Gas-plants, and Power-plants across the Middle-East, Far-East, China, Africa, and Indian regions. The Client company’s end Customers included some of the largest & most prestigious Oil & Gas Companies e.g., Suadi Aramco, ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, China Oil companies, and Indian Oil Company, etc.

In the Oil & Gas industry, the Engineering & Construction projects are subject to highly Regulated Compliance Health & Safety checks & mandatory reporting. Unfortunately, the Client organisation started to develop some serious Health & Safety concerns & Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Risk gaps were reported by the end Customers Senior Management on a regular basis, and review by the Client company’s Senior Board. After a several months & remediation steps taken by the Client’s Project Management Teams, the situation hadn’t improved to the satisfaction of the end Customers. After several warnings and as a last resort the Client company was given a formal notice of potential termination of contracts, and the Client company was given the last opportunity to show significant improvements of its Health & Safety, Project Management, Customer Engagement & Support, and Management Reporting.

This Tier-1 Global Engineering & Construction organisation engaged us to develop & implement its ‘Transformation & Improvement Strategy, and Planning & Execution. We conducted a full review of the client’s business requirements, organisations, people skills & capabilities, operating models & processes, Systems/Tooling, and Management & Reporting Systems.

We identified opportunities for improvement, designed a programme of work to underpin the rollout & delivery, organisational structure, people skills & capabilities, Operating Models & Processes, Management & Reporting, and Systems/Tooling. We carefully conducted a comprehensive “Strategy Review & Audit” and made recommendations for improvements. Our Specific responsibilities & activities, included (this is just a short summary):

  • Definition & execution of the Client’s Transformation & Improvement ‘Vision Strategy & Roadmap’, aligning with the Client business needs, and end Customers’ requirements & needs.
  • Effectively performed a 360-degree strategic reviews, presenting recommendations at up to CxO level, and setup the agreed programme for successes e.g. People, Processes, Systems/Tools.
  • We carefully designed & implemented a new organisational Structures, defined/scoped people roles & responsibilities, recruited new talent ‘fit-for-purpose’ to meet the business needs. We created people
    development & training plans, facilitated mentoring & coaching, and defined/scoped/agreed Smart Objectives, and setup quarterly Performance Reviews to ensure agreed Actions stay well grounded.
  • We designed & implemented a new Business Operating Models & Processes focused on the Client’s end Customers needs & objectives to ensure significant improvements can be made. This included Health & Safety,
    Engineering & Construction, Project Management, Customer Engagement & Support, Financial Management, Contracts Management, Critical Document/Information Management, Risk Management, and Management & Reporting Processes.
  • We designed, developed ICT Strategy & Architecture, and Systems Integration Strategy, led the selection & implementation of ‘fit-for-purpose’ systems/tools including ERP, CRM, Document Management, Project Management, Office Suite, Digital IT Systems.
  • Tracked multi-vendor delivery progress and presented outcomes to the Client company’s Board e.g. C-Level Executives & Stakeholders to gain their approvals. Tracked multi-vendor delivery progress and reported at C-Level Exec Board and Executive Stakeholders. Communicated & shared progress updates to the Client’s global teams

Successfully delivered the Client Approved Transformation & Improvements Programme. End Customer satisfaction had improved below 50% to an improved 85% within the first 9-months of the implementation. The end Customer Feedback was that it was the most improved Programme within the shortest time they had ever experienced. As a result of the Transformation & Improvements success the Client organisation had their Contracts renewed for many years in the Future.