AI-Driven Digital Transformation ‘Stores-of-the-Future’

Problem Statement – one of the major UK Retail client organisations was under a significant market-driven transformational changes due to the online / eCommerce growth & competition and causing major concerns about its future growth & profitability, as well as its fix-cost base driven by having to employ a large workforce in order to operate its store 24 x 7. This concern was further complicated that a significant number of people did not want to work on during the unsocial-hours after 10:00pm, because it was impacting their family lives.

Therefore, in order to address its concerns head-on, this UK-Retail organisation decided to develop a ‘Vision & Strategy’ for the future where Stores could be automated and operated
‘People-Less’ as well automating the Customer Engagement & Supply-chain functions giving people the flexibility for ‘Click & Collect’ and give them their ‘customised-offers’ based on
their preferences & tastes and their existing shopping habits.

This UK Retail client organisations engaged us to develop & implement its ‘AI-driven Digital Strategy, Transformation & Automation’, and Planning & Execution. We conducted a full review of client’s business requirements, organisations, people skills & capabilities, operating models & processes, applications, systems, infrastructure, networks, security, and data centre.

We identified opportunities for improvement, designed a programme of work to underpin the rollout & delivery, organisational structure, people skills & capabilities. We carefully conducted a
comprehensive “Strategy Review & Audit” and made recommendations for r improvements. Our Specific responsibilities & activities, included (this is just a short summary):

  • Definition & execution of ‘AI-driven Digital Strategy, Transformation & Automation’ ‘Vision Strategy & Roadmap’, encompassing ‘Stores-of-the-Future’ with a potential for AI/RPA automation aligning technology with the client business needs.
  • Effectively performed a 360-degree strategic reviews, presenting recommendations at up to CxO level, and setup the agreed programme for successes e.g. People, Processes, Systems/Tools.
  • Developed technology Architecture & Solutions underpinning the company’s future Multichannel Digital E-Commerce Strategy
  • Lead the Design, Setup of ‘Proof-of-Concept’ for ‘Stores-of-the-Future’ aligned with the company’s future ‘Digital Vision & Strategy’
  • Coordinated/managed multiple Vendors/SI partners contributing to the ‘Proof-of-Concept’ for ‘Stores-of-the-Future’ Strategy & Vision
  • Tracked multi-vendor delivery progress and reported at C-Level Exec Board and Executive Stakeholders.

Successfully delivered the ‘AI-driven Digital Strategy, Transformation & Automation’ Vision Strategy & Roadmap & Architecture ‘Blue-print’ and ‘Proof-of-Concept’ in partnership with Multiple Technology Vendors.