Business Transformation & Improvements - Organisational & Business Strategy, Operate Models & Processes

Problem Statement - One of the largest European Smartcard Technology Vendor was pursuing a growth Strategy. The vendor only had a limited presence in the UK & Ireland. So, in order to pursue the emerging market growth opportunities this company had decided to design & develop a ‘Professional Services & Consulting’ organisation being able to work closely with the Customers including Telco Operators, Retail Banks & Credit Card Providers e.g. Amex, MasterCard, Visa, etc

This SmartCard technology vendor engaged us to review its professional services organisational structure, people skills & capabilities to prepare the Professional Services organisation & its people to meet the needs & expectations of demanding 21st Century customers. We carefully conducted comprehensive people skills & capabilities audit, identified the gaps and made recommendations for improvements. We conducted a detailed skills planning & mapping exercise and identified & implemented personal development plans & relevant training, coaching & mentoring plans. The result was rapid and significant improvement in productivity & financial performance. Operating margins rose from around 19% to 34%.

We facilitated the design & implementation of the company’s Marketing & Sales Strategy covering customer-engagement, business-development, deal-closure, and the people skills & capabilities needed in order to improve its customer retention & business growth. We carefully conducted a comprehensive “Strategy Review & Audit”, identified the gaps and made recommendations for improvements. We designed, developed & implemented a new strategic framework, which improved customer service & satisfaction, and provided better visibility of the market & better business opportunities.

We designed & built a Service Delivery organisation to enable it to create a local market presence in the UK & Ireland. We conducted a market review, investigated customer needs & customer-engagement and assessed the business development-related people skills & capabilities required for a customer-focused service delivery organisation. The delivery organisation we designed, developed & implemented has improved customer engagement, experience, service & satisfaction. It has also improved the company's visibility in the market and enabled it to better exploit business opportunities.

We designed & implemented business & service operating models & processes including customerengagement, product manufacturing, design & delivery, programme/project management & delivery and
customer service & support. We carefully conducted a comprehensive Process audit, identified the gaps and made recommendations for improvements. We conducted process planning & mapping and reengineered/redesigned & implemented/deployed all the Processes successfully using Six-Sigma, TQM, ITIL, Agile, and many other best-practice tools/methods. The result was a rapid and significant improvement in productivity, customer engagement & experience. We drastically reduced manufacturing errors and waste – in the process enabling the company to realise a potential cost saving of around £5 million a year.

Successfully delivered Organisational, Business Strategy, Transformation & Business Improvement Programme helping our Smar-Card Technology client to realise enormous benefits as well as furthering their pursuit for further growth & expansion.

Saved estimated £5m a year by reducing manufacturing errors and waste.