Anwar Masih, Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at A.T.M Management Consulting passionately argues that Identity & Access Management Strategy must become an integral part of an organisation’s Business & Digital Strategy to secure your organisation’s digital assets, reduce the Risk & Financial losses, minimise major disruption to your business, and more importantly your organisation’s reputation, especially in the wake of increased security breaches & hacking.

At A.T.M, we believe Identity & Access Management (IAM) Strategy & Transformation will make sure only the right people can access to the right information in a secure, auditable and in a compliant manner from anywhere at anytime as/when required. This can be achieved through the implementation of ‘futureproof’ modern, flexible, scalable Identity & Access Management (IAM) Solution that can be integrated with your organisation’s existing applications & interfaces to secure your organisation Digital Assets (Data & Information). The IAM Strategy & Transformation can help your organisation to achieve the following key objectives through our transformational, implementation & delivery, including:

  1. Improved Security - without a proper Identity & Access Management (IAM) Strategy & Transformation there are likely to be significant gaps & risks to your security and access management. IAM investment & transformation will help to mitigate the gaps & risks and significantly improve the Security and Access Management for your organisation.
  2. Improved Compliance – IAM Strategy & Transformation will help to achieve compliance requirements including GDPR, Security & PCI audits, processes & Governance compliance will be significantly improved across Business & Operations.
  3. Improved Compliance – IAM Strategy & Transformation, processes & Governance Audit capability will be significantly enhanced. It will be possible to conduct audits much faster in real-time & quickly pinpoint any security issues. This will help to identify & address any potential security breaches in a timely manner.
  4. Automation – IAM Strategy & Transformation will help to automate your workflows and processes securely for new joiners and termination of leavers with proper Life-cycle Management e.g. Termination / removal of users, and certification of high-risks users / employees.
  5. Reduction in Remediation & Admin Effort & Cost – with an effective IAM Strategy & Transformation information, enhanced security audits & reports it will become easier & faster and cheaper to address any remediation issues post IDAM deployment. Overall, numbers of tools & processes will be standardised that will significantly reduce the cost of maintenance.